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Getting struck by lightning twice in a row far more likely than bitcoin theft

Quick Poll Hi, everyone! Mike here. Bitcoin security is a major concern to people who dabble in bitcoins. Exactly how secure is the bitcoin? To find out we need to first understand the structure of a bitcoin transaction as a whole. Find out here: Bitcoin Security     Advertisements

New Bit Coin Blog Launched

Because of the support you all have showed, I have launched a blog that examines bit coin news from a unique perspective and engages the reader to join in on ht e discussion. Come read about how bit coins threaten the existence of the US dollar. Let us know what you think! Happy blogging 🙂 […]

How I turned 14 dollars into a little over a thousand by accident

I found a website about two years ago that I wanted to buy a special gift for my friend from, but they only accepted BitCoins. I had no idea what bitcoins were at the time and I really didn’t care, I just wanted to buy this thing for my friend. I then started learning a […]